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Mission, BC, V2V 5S7

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Email: miscoop@telus.net Phone: 604-826-4153

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What is Co-operative Housing?

A housing co-operative is owned equally by each resident member.  As a co-operative member, you do not directly own your unit.  Instead, you have shares in a corporation, which owns the buildings, in the housing complex. Membership in a co-operative gives you the right to occupy a home in the development.  It also allows you to take part in a “community atmosphere” as a voter in the general membership, a member of the Board of Directors, or as a committee member. Our housing co-op is responsible for our own management. The General Membership has the final authority in the co-op.  They elect the Board of Directors and approve our co-op policies. Our Seniors (55+) Co-op is built by our members who enjoy volunteering their time and enjoy taking an active role in shaping it into a lovely community. "Mission Co-operative Housing Association is a business and a community jointly owned by the people who live here. "   It is our volunteers and paid staff that help our Co-op run smoothly. We have 5 paid employees, Our Manager, Asst Manager, our Landscaper, and our Maintenance crew who help us keep our Co-op running smoothly. 

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